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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

She's got it, She's got it [insert panic here]....

Bam-Bam is brain dead, I swear. I say things over and over and over to him yet we still have recurring crisis' to deal with.

Case in point: We have two dogs, 5 years and 6 months, that are members of the family. They are let outside for very small portions of the day to do what it is dogs need to do while outside. Beyond that, they're in here, in the house, with us sharing space. But, as much as I try to personify their existence, they are still dogs that need managing. I'd like to think that I do an ok job in that aspect and have been trying to also get Bam-Bam to grasp what is clearly his job in their management too.

I'm not talking feeding them or taking them for walks or clipping nails. Come on, Bam-Bam is only 3. But, he is responsible for setting the gates back up between rooms to keep them away from his bologna sandwich or train set pieces. The big dog and the little dog, respectively, see those items as cavier.

As much as I remind and remind and remind though, Lacey still eats bologna with mayo and Josey still eats the train set. And I still play referee. And Bam-Bam still cries.

Maybe I actually live here alone and everything I do each day is some irrational dreamlike state from which I'll never wake....

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