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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stand Corrected

Not 5 minutes after posting my rant, he showed up. Guess that's what Christina's talking about when she sings "Some days I'm a super bitch..."

Welcome back Hero

Ok, sigh....

I've been away, far far away, for quite some time and I've debated with a heavy heart as to whether or not coming back her was a good idea. But I continually get suggestions from people that love me that it I probably need it. So I'm going to venture back here in the hopes of sorting through some of the craziness of my life. I probably won't be able to keep my language as clean as I'd attempted before. I just can't see how that will be possible so please forgive the profound influx of potty mouth that comes with my return. Also, a lot of what I'll be talking about here will be experiences that will no doubt compel the people that love me the most (aka my readers) to want to suggest solutions for me and I need to go on record right up front by saying: Thank you but there is no solution. It is what it is and I'm writing to just get. it. out.

Back in May, TB, Bam-Bam and I moved in with TB's parents. His mom is 71 and has had a couple of strokes. His dad is almost 87 and is so far from Mother Theresa that the Grand Canyon would look like a crack in cement. TB's older brother has been disabled for over 30 years and lives with them. The day-to-day stuff just got to be too much for them so the decision was made that we'd move in to help out.

It has been a challenge.

A BIG challenge.

This blog started as a "mommy blog" to capture moments in our life that we could come back to and remember as the days pass. That will still be a part of it, I'm sure. But the focus will now be what it's like to be a mom, wife, and caregiver to the most dynamic group of people under one roof. Hold on to your onion, it could be a wild ride!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yo Preacherman

Here's my flashback...

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