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Monday, May 28, 2007

Ok, she got me so I'll give

My 5 Favorite things right now, for Hunzer:

#1 - My Machine -
When I got to the end of the last PL blanket, I needed to sew an aspect to it which lead me to finding a place to do basic lessons close to home which lead to 8 weeks of sewing lessons on Monday nights which lead to making a couple of tote bags which which which....I love my machine and I love sewing A LOT!

#2 - Webkinz -
Sure, the purchase was for the boy, but their version of the tile game is ridiculously addicting AND it earns the boy points to buy stuff for Priklez. Now, if I just allowed him to get on and spend it....

#3 - The Satellite Radio -
In particular, the 80's channel, the 90's and Now AND Super Shuffle. O. M. G.

#4 - Claritin and Metformin -
One is for me and one is for the boy. They both work WONDERS!

#5 - Ben and Jerry's Steve Colbert Americone Dream Ice Cream -
Now, I don't know who Steve Colbert is and I don't really give a rat's ass. The ice cream is an orgasm in a cardboard cup! Seriously, if I could eat just this ice cream for the rest of my life, I'd die one happy woman!


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