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Monday, November 21, 2005

"...then out of no where comes Greg Biffle....

and I literally screamed 'where the hell did he just come from'. He and Mark Martin were door to door at the start/finish line....."

Oh, HI. Didn't see you there. Where have I been you ask?


I've been busy, damn busy if you ask me. Songbird and the boys are almost officially moved out so I've been reclaiming our home and returning it to some semblance of order. My kitchen, dining room and bathroom have been spotless, ala FLYlady, for over three weeks now and this week I'm moving into the office. I have actually done a quick once-over on the living room too but not to the FLY standards yet. Yesterday my dad was here and he even gave me raving compliments. That was nice.

I've also been starting my own business which is never stress free. I have to do something to help us connect the dots financially around here and since blogging isn't a money maker (except if you're Dooce or someone like that), I have to find something else that will work. We've been able to make it work with me being home for two years now and my being here is something we're not willing to sacrifice. But, we both need new vehicles in addition to a list of other things that need to happen that just aren't in the budget at all so, business world, here I come. Anyone here from Canada or know someone in Canada that wants to go into business with me?

In between there have been arguments and celebrations, painting the house and dealing poker, ear infections and board breaking, stressing over Christmas and getting pissed at Amazon....basic life stuff that gets in the way of creativity sometimes. I promise to be back more regularly, at least until I'm not again.

We now return to our program already in progress....

"...then I almost lost it when Greg Zipadelli started getting all choked up about his friendship with Tony Stewart...."

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trip Humor

  • An hour before leaving for our friend's house while surfing the UITF website, I showed Bam-Bam a picture of Grandmaster Hwang doing an awesome over the head kick(scroll down the first page of the link and the pic is on the right). In typical 4 year old fashion, he immediately tried to replicate the move and subsequently landed wrong and hurt his foot. Bad. We thought he may have even broken a metatarsel or two so we ended up in the ER just a few hours before our flight getting him checked out. Thankfully it was only sprained. The humor you ask (because, yeah, I know, a 4 year old with a foot sprain is not in any way fun)? First trying to tell every healthcare worker "He was trying to do a Grandmaster Hwang" without breaking out into hysterics then having to get a wheelchair to get him back and forth to the pool for the first three days because it hurt him enormously to walk on it but apparently not so enormously that he couldn't fling himself from the side of the pool all day long.
  • Not knowing enough Spanish so as to not to overdraw the debit checking when I thought I was taking $60 out of savings.
  • Getting shat on by a humongous pelican.
  • Watching Bam-Bam watch The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in Spanish because by Thursday he was going through heroin-type withdrawals.
  • Spending 7 days in Mexico illegally. Somehow we missed going through immigration on the way in. Don't ask me how, I don't know. But we did it. Thankfully the immigration department there was extremely helpful getting us stamped in on the way out.
  • Thirteen dollar Haagen Dazs Coffee ice cream.
  • There are NOT 100 species of loons. We checked.
  • Sixty-seven dollar hotel-requested airport transportation that would have cost $24 via taxi. Yeah, that got removed from the bill.
  • "I know I'm in YOUR country but does anyone down there speak English?" - click - "Guess not."
  • "This has got to be the worst meal I have even eaten in my entire life. The mac and cheese tastes like cardboard and the hotdogs taste like I don't even know what."
  • Getting shot out a toilet.
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • The look I gave the woman seated next to me on the first leg home out of PV when she told me that Bam-Bam was "highly intellectual" for his age because, after not being ticketed to sit with either me or Tall Boy, he bravely sat alone flipping through the emergency procedures flyer, the SkyMall catalog and finally playing his Gameboy. Thankfully the bitch didn't see me crying the entire time we taxied out. I still can't believe not one mature adult could switch seats with one of us to sit next to him.....but I'm not bitter.
  • Yes, I read the whole book in about 6 hours.
  • Cornrows and henna tatoos. Who over 21 does that?
  • The inexplicable inability to process that pesos were merely 10 times more than the dollar. I could not, for the life of me, just drop the last 0 in the price.....all week.
  • "The train is not a rip off, honey, if they don't charge you for the ride".
  • "She's just happy to be invited."
  • "You are NOT out of underwear! I packed you plenty and it's only day 4!"

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