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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Lesson

I took my first official sewing lesson last night. The two other women who were supposed to take the class with me weren't able to make it so I had lesson one by myself.

We went over everything about the machine and the items in the tool kit such as the seam ripper, fabric pencil, and seam gauge. Then I did some lines on paper sans thread. Straight lines, boxes, slow curves, sharper curves and some circles. Keeping my machine going evenly will come in time but I did great on the lines, if I do say so myself.

Because the other women were out last night, they're going to do a make-up class next Monday and I'll take the week off then we'll get back together for week two the following Monday. In the mean time, I have some more lines to pierce here at home.

I'm on the road to quilting!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

PL - Blanket #1

I finished my first PL project tonight. Since PL donates to more than just small children in hospitals, this first project is bigger than I'd originally envisioned. It measures 43 long by 31 wide with three thread double crochets throughout. The three colors are Red Heart color 9627 Light Sage (#4 weight worsted plush), Red Heart color 9628 Dark Sage (#4 weight worsted plush) and Red Heart color 4601 Off White (#4 weight worsted soft yarn)*. The edging is Dark Sage done in a more lacey DC chain 2, skip 2 ch, repeat.

TallBoy is impressed with the heaviness of the blanket and has asked for one for himself in a 6' x 4' dimension in black and red colors.

We'll see.

*On this first project I did not keep track of how many skeins/how many ounces I used. I plan to keep better track of that going forward.


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