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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ahhhp, Daahhhnnn, Ahhhp, Daahhhhnnn

You know that scene in The Karate Kid where Pat Morita has Ralph Macchio painting the fence to teach him the up/down block? "Ahhhp, Daahhhnnn..." Ever stop and realize how much life is like that?

In the midst of celebrating the birth of Christ, Tall Boy and I rode the rollercoaster of Ahps and Dahhns.

I feel as though the ride has been too fast though. As if I left my house in the morning with my hair looking "sooooo fine" and now I'm in need of a ponytail holder. Something to wrap around me and hold me down and remind me to be patient. It's been so crazy that even the insomniac in me has taken a vacation and I've been ready for bed at 9:15 for the last three nights. What is that?

So, say a prayer that things just keep: that we can keep making the new car payment, that my business keeps it's momentum and moving upward, that GG keeps getting the right advice to deal with her cancer diagnosis, that I keep getting enough sleep, that we continue to be blessed by God with tremendous happiness...keep keep keep.

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At 11:37 PM, Blogger Chelle said...

What an attitude!! :) I am completely inspired here!


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