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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ante Up

As an avid Texas Hold 'Em player, whenever the ante goes up, I get both nervous and excited. It means the game is getting serious. It means that if you don't either bluff hard or land a boss hand, you'll be out of chips and quick.

This morning, she upped the ante. And as when I'm playing cards, I'm both excited and nervous.

Remember our friends that asked us to stand up for them while they renew their vows? Well Giggler (as I'll call her since everyone gets an alias to protect the innocent as well as the guilty) e-mailed me this morning about the plans to date. She explained that her family isn't completely on board with their doing the party and that Stickler's mom (her husband's mom) doesn't think she'll be making the trip up from Florida to come either. She acknowleged that pleasing others wasn't their motivating factor but since neither family wants to participate, she and Stickler have been throwing around some ideas.

They want to know if we'd be interested in going to ARUBA with them instead! Cha!

Now, Tall Boy has a vacation in November which he usually reserves for whitetail hunting. He's always wanted to go to Aruba so I'm really hoping he's willing to give up the hunting this year in favor of this trip. I think I'm going to drive home the reminder that we still have a freezer full of meat from last year's success and that we've NEVER been to Aruba.

Do you consider a bathing suit more or less of a weight-loss motivator over a bridesmaid dress? Could actually be a toss-up.

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At 5:00 PM, Blogger *** hunzer *** said...

I consider a bathing suit more of a weight-loss inspiration as all your shit is exposed. :)

Have fun in Aruba! I was there for a day while on my honeymoon cruise. Didn't see much. Just the cruise ship, the inside of Carlos-n-Charlies, and the bottom of many yards of beer.


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