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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

You know that sigh of relief you get

when you finally do something you've put off, knowing you're putting it off yet get reminded that you're putting it off by the collection call from the service that manages your student loan? I'm living that sigh right now.

Back in December (yes, I said December) I was notified by my student loan service that I was late on my payment that was due in October. In talking with the rep, I mentioned that I was not employed at this time and hadn't been in over a year. She told me that since I'm not working, even though unemployed by choice, I qualified for a one year deferment of payments. Cool, sign me up.

She mailed me the paperwork after our phone call. When it arrived, sometime around Christmas, it got filed away with some other items while I cleaned the house. In my mind I was going to dig it all back out as soon as the holidays were over and we weren't entertaining people again.

Mid-January I did in fact dig it out, along with the information to have our mortgage paid bi-weekly instead of once a month which will deduct interest and years off our new mortgage. I sat down and immediately filled out both of the forms and returned them to my desk for Tall Boy to sign and mail.

The end of January saw another quick clean up of my desk for the Superbowl party. With it went the envelopes I needed to take care of. They came back out once again just after the party but ignored. Mid-February, another pushing aside for the Daytona 500 party clean up.

That brings me to today when the thought of the two envelopes popped into my head and I immediately hunted them down, finished filling out both forms and got Tall Boy's signature where applicable. I also added an apology letter to both for my delay in returning them.

Sigh, it feels so good not having the thought of them running through the back of my brain and they've only been out of the house for 3 minutes.

I think there's a lesson to be learned in all this somewhere....be damned if I can find it.....must have put that away during the cleaning.

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