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Friday, February 25, 2005

I think I figured me out

A couple of weeks ago someone on my favorite message board posted a poll asking whether we took a daily multivitamin. I didn't, at the time, but read the replies from the other wonderfully knowledgeable women I've befriended over the last four plus years as they listed everything they took each day to care for their bodies in more superior ways than I.

The woman that posted the poll replied first listing calcium, a multi, vit C as well as acidophilus. I'd never heard of that last thing before and after questioning her, discovered it's a supplement with cultures similar to those found in yogurt which aid in digestion. At the time I was intrigued but didn't make any sort of connection to what is seriously wrong with me. Until today.

As I sat on the hopper before climbing in to take my first shower in two days, I pulled out the recent First magazine and flipped to the headline article listed. Did you click that link? Did you see that headline about BELLY FAT? Did you read yesterday's post about being huge? Yeah, that's me. Huge with belly fat.

So I read the whole article and kept saying "hey that's me". If my self-diagnosis is correct, yeast has taken over my digestive system and not only contributing to the "slow midsection weight gain" but my fatigue, insomnia, constant cravings for sweets, IBS, bloating, the infections on my skin that I've been battling for over a year, the sinus problems I awake with each morning, my recurrent headache as well as my puffy face and swollen hands.


According to the article, my immune system is working hard to rid my body of this excess yeast which I continue to feed with devil dogs and donuts. If I can eliminate and control the yeast I should see a reduction in all my symptoms within the first week.

So, I'm going to proceed with a modified Atkins I guess. I cannot possibly eliminate all carbs and starches all together. But, my portions of them will definitely be different with meats and proteins taking a higher role in my daily food intake. I've already elminated diet coke from my day and will now have to get rid of coffee too since I can't possibly drink that without the hazelnut cream.

I've ordered the acidophilus as well as the L-Glutemine the article suggested. Maybe between making these changes and adding my Curves routine I'll be looking better quicker than I had even anticipated. Keep your finger's crossed. Now, if I could just managed to choke down a vegetable or two, I'd be golden!

3 Rescued:

At 2:26 PM, Anonymous tricia said...

Wishing you the best of luck with all of this. Thinking about picking up some of that stuff for myself too. And going to start up with the low carbs again too - as much as it's gonna kill me - LOL.


At 9:46 PM, Anonymous honestyrain said...

i made this discovery a few years before i had kids. i was suffering majorly in all areas. i was tired, achey, constipated and on and on. i felt so much better after i fixed my instestinal tract up. seriously. i say go for it. drink gobs of water too.

who are you? i should know, yes?

At 3:00 PM, Anonymous honestyrain said...

okay, i know who you are now. ;) thanks!


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