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Monday, April 04, 2005

Where have I been you ask?

I've been here, quietly making my way through last week. With all the public, heavy, issues, I guess I was a just a little bit introspective and felt that most of what I was dealing with pared in comparison. I mean, no matter what side of the issue you were on regarding Terri Shiavo, someone was still dead when all was said and done and that's incredibly sad. And it was exponentially more sad to see it played out in the pubic forum the way it was.

Then, within hours, we lost our beloved Pope. Again, no matter where you are in your religious affiliation, he was an incredible leader and amazing man and the loss of him will be felt beyond the confines of the Catholic chuch.

So, given all that, the day-to-day mayhem that I usually juggle just didn't seem worthy of writing about. You know, you just can't complain about being overweight, having too much laundry or needing to clean your bedroom when people are dying. Sacriligious whining is just not cool.

But, while all that was going on I was quietly dealing with my own little celebrations. I watched most of the snow disappear from my front lawn. With the rain and warmer weather, it transformed our beautifully unmaintained dirt road into this:

and this:

All the while, the disappearing white stuff reminded us that this was looming on our front lawn too. Reminents of the remodeling of the greatroom that was done in January.

But, beyond all that, there were indeed some exciting things brewing here in the Grassy Patch.

I'm anxiously preparing for my Phoenix trip. I managed to score a better ticket via eBay and instead of being in the back, way in the upper echelon of the Glendale Arena, I'll now be in the row and seat directly in front of my friends that I'm going with. Superstar.

I also managed to convince Tall Boy that I needed an mp3 player for the flights. I landed a 20GB Dell Digital Jukebox (aka The DJ) for almost $100 under list, also via eBay. I've been diligently converting all my saved music over to mp3 format so that I'm ready to lock and load once it arrives. Apparently since I paid for it within minutes of the end of the auction, the seller took a special trip to get it in the mail that day! Yippee-ky-ay.

But, without a doubt, the excitement of the week has got to be the trip we're planning, not to Aruba as previously mentioned, but to Puerto Villarta, Mexico. I can say with certainty that PV is our destination with the check written yesterday for the timeshare. The place has got a freaking Lazy River with swim-up bars! Again, yippee-ky-ay!

So, I'm back. I'll be back. I'll be updating the earworm of the day and all that jazz too. And, if you have a minute, scroll down to the very bottom and give me a rating ok? Muchos Gracias (can you tell I've begun brushing up on my spanish?)

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