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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I could KILL Hunzer for this but here goes....

What I Was Doing...

10 Years Ago ~Tall Boy and I were attending wedding after wedding for many of our close friends. In fact, in October we were asked to stand up with our friends when they eloped. On the ride home from their wedding, we did extensive talking about where we were headed. A week later, he proposed.

5 Years Ago ~Five years ago we were deep into a fertility treatment. In May/June they had tried to do a supression cycle but my body just ate that right up and they canceled it just a few days in. The next month, they loaded me up with enough drugs to fertilize a herd of cattle. The weekend I ovulated, a very dear friend flew in from Florida to take in the Third Eye Blind concert with me. Vertical Horizon opened for them LOL. Anyway, for reasons my RE still cannot explain, I actually managed to get pregnant. We were worried for a few weeks that it might be multiples but I was lucky enough to be blessed with just Bam-Bam. The end of the three years had come.

1 Year Ago ~ Last year I got to take Bam-Bam to Philly to meet some friends and see Sesame Place. Spent the rest of the summer either working at the dog daycare or up at camp. It was a rough summer overall.

Yesterday ~ Yesterday I basically did a lot of nothing. Never got out of my pj's. Never left the house. I did wash bedsheets, dishes, etc and we had a terrific dinner but that's about it. One of my more enjoyable ways to spend the day.

5 Snacks I Enjoy ~
Ice cream
Rice Krispie Treats
Nutter Butters
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Granola bars
Swedish Fish

5 Things I Would Do with $100 Million ~
Pay off debts and buy new cars
Buy a house on the lake
Travel to all 36 Nascar races for at least one full year
Donate to charities (particularly ones that would help people in Africa)

5 Locations I Would Like to Run Away To ~
Square Pond
Square Pond

5 Bad Habits I Have ~
Biting my nails
Driving too fast
Picking at my skin
Letting the housework go

5 Things I Like Doing ~
Singing/Listening to Music
Spending time with family

5 Things I Would Never Wear ~
A bikini (at least not until I'm skinny again)
A tube top
Capri pants with the sheared sides
Leather chaps
Short, short, short shorts

5 TV Shows I Like ~
Rescue Me
Hell's Kitchen
Law and Order SVU

5Biggest Joys of the Moment ~
Being able to stay home to raise Bam-Bam
Being at the lake
Watching Bam-Bam swim
My marriage

5 Favorite Toys ~
Digital cable with DVR

Digital Camera
MP3 player
My computer
A deck of cards

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