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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Newfound Knowledge

Five Things I've learned in the last few days/weeks:

  1. Veternarians that tell you that your cats are pissing all over the laundry and every stray gymbag in the basement because they have a UTI are in fact just trying to buy time for said cats. In reality, the cats are just pissed and when they are pissed, they piss. That's it.
  2. Four-year-olds and hip-hop can mix, when the proper filters are involved, as testiment to Bam-Bam requesting for a repeat play of GS's Rich Girl, louder then proceed to sing along "Na na na na na na......shouldn'tmattershouldn'tmattershouldn'tmattershouldn'tmatter". At least we didn't need to play the Spongebob Squarepants Soundtrack for the 373rd time.
  3. Maine Outdoorsman-reading men don't necessarily make good boat-dockers and computer-savy, scrapbooking stay-at-home-moms just might. (Love ya Chum!)
  4. If the garage tells you that they need to replace your alternator, ALWAYS get the battery replaced too. And, when the dealership that fixes your airbag and a few other minor things tells you they need to keep your vehicle two extra days because the tech said he did some of the work but in fact had done none of it and that you're the greatest customer they've ever had and for your patience you get a free $15 oil change when you're due for one again and then charge you $200 more than the $750 estimate for the work, turn on the tears. I didn't, and should have.
  5. Then, a week later when the said unchanged battery dies and your vehicle won't start for the fourth time in three weeks just as you're trying to head over to the grocery store and hit the lake and you bring it to your favorite "local guy" and call at 4:15 to check the status and get surprised when a woman answers the phone, you just might break out into the new "Will Smith" language and ask "Hi, this is Hero, I've got the Explorer and I'm calling to find out what the giggy is?"

1 Rescued:

At 12:48 AM, Blogger MsThang said...

OMG I love Gwen, good choice in videos!

And don't you know, ALWAYS turn on the water works.. ALWAYS. It will get you far.


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