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Friday, August 19, 2005

Taking a leap

One advantage to being just a little bit behind my friends in starting my family is that I got to watch them all venture into the realm of ECA's (extra curricular activities). I've watched them run around to soccer, t-ball, swimming lessons, dance class etc and, with the exception of swimming lessons once/week for a couple of months when Bam-Bam was 2, we've managed to avoid ECA's....up until now.

Why avoid such a milestone? Primarily because I've wanted to put off being on someone else's schedule for as long as possible. I love that we don't have to be anywhere at any given time on any given day. We're able to be spontaneous blah blah blah....I'm getting over it.

We're most likely signing the squirt up for Tae Kwon Do lessons with Mr. B three times a week. Mr. B used to work with Tall Boy and I when we worked at the grocery store back in the day. He's now a fourth degree black belt and has his own business at the same place the swimming lessons were. He, Bam-Bam, won't be able to test or advance because of his age and Mrs. B admitted that they usually won't take kids until they're 5 but I'm hoping the lessons will help with focus and discipline. I don't care if he doesn't get to test and he won't know he's supposed to. It's all good. And, I can't wait to see him in the Gy (I hope I spelled that right)

So, I've talked to Mrs. B and we can do a few visits for free before we commit but I'm pretty sure he's up for it. He's started doing karate chops while standing on the couch and watching Cartoon Network yelling "HEEEYA" this afternoon.

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