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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Silence is deafening

My silence is fueled by the little voice that keeps speaking over and over in my head yet is squelched by not wanting to ruffle any feathers.

My little voice keeps saying: Be kind.

Thats it! Be kind!

Not "Be Christian".
Not "Be Forgiving".

Be Kind.

To me, it's inhuman to be unaccepting of other people's choices, decisions, lifestyles, religions, political perspective, nationality, location, age, LIFE. What other people chose as the best for themselves is none of anyone else's business.

There is no utopian person. There is no perfect Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Protestant etc. It cannot be said that to be a Republican you must be Christian, to be Protestant you must be Democrat, to be Muslim you must be violent.


Unconditional Love.

Spend less time researching and berating those that don't see eye-to-eye with your views politically and spend time researching how to get a village in Africa clean water or antibiotics or condoms. Spend less time worrying about the homosexuals you're certain are headed for hell and worry about the teenagers that are being bullied in school for being different. Spend less time focused on whether a woman choses to have an abortion and redirect that time toward working in a shelter.

Don't judge, give.

Because, in the end, the truth is that no matter who you worship and what you believe to be on the other side of life, it's what we do here and how we treat others that will define our happiness.

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At 9:34 AM, Blogger MamaQ said...

That was a fine piece of writing, dude. And of course I agree with you. I find Scott's admonintion that we should try to be Christ to one another rolling through my head a lot lately. What I'm discovering is that it takes SO much more effort to be kind than it does to be ambivalent. Exhausting, but worth it.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

In scripture, there are 2 rules. And 2 rules only:

1. Love God
2. Love your neighbor

Its people that make it harder than it is.


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