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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cruel Joke

Tonight as I was getting ready to head to bed for the night, I got my monthly Tony Robbins newletter and, right on its heels, my first business referral from HQ.

The referral gives the potential client's name, address, phone and e-mail address.

The name: bcbarnot cv zeful. (Can anyone translate this? Anagram? What?)

Now, I fully admit to being the service center clerk at Hannafords that took a call AND DID THE STORE-WIDE PAGE for Michael Hunt so when the name made absolutely no sense, my balloon lost some lift.

The address: 56 Dart Road which Mapquest says is not a road in town. Strike two.

The phone number: Using reverse look-up at Anywho, belongs to someone on Hall Road here in town but their name is nothing like what's "given" above.

The e-mail address: I sent a "thank you so much for contacting me, I'll be calling tomorrow to set up an appointment" e-mail only to have it bumped back to me.

It's not nice to play tricks on the girl fighting to get ahead in this business.


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