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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The time has come! I leave early tomorrow morning for Phoenix. I dug my shorts out of the bottom of the bureau that I haven't even looked at since way before January and threw some new Old Navy graphic t's in with them. Grabbed me some new jammies while I was there too. I love jammies. Love them. Oh, and slippers. Slippers are the bomb.

I'm nearly packed. I've got almost all my clothes in the bag and just need to go grab a couple of grubby things to work out in. I can't say I can't work out while I'm there. I can't blame it on bad weather, cold weather, not having clothes, not having time. Basically, I have no excuse not to exercise. And, the resort has a gym with all kinds of funky things to use too. No excuses! And, with my new Dell Jukebox mp3 player I can even up the pace on the tread if I get ambitious.

To answer you Trac, I've packed a disposable camera for this trip. Since I'm traveling alone, since it's a short trip and since I've already loaded my carry-on with the player, my wallet, a book and my Weight Watchers materials (gotta stay on plan you know), I don't really have room for it. I'm trying to streamline what I've got to keep track of and not break. But, I am bringing the dumper to at least get some things on film, for posterity sake.

I was up pretty late last night writing out a detailed itinerary for Tall Boy while I'm gone. He'll know where he's supposed to be and where Bam-Bam will be at all times. For only being gone 4 days, it got quite extensive. Can't leave anything to chance with him. I even had my sister proof it to make sure I'd covered all my bases. He's got my cellphone number as well as the phone number to the resort plus all the times of my flights and the time of the concert. Now, if he can just remember that we're at least 2 hours earlier here than it will be there, I'll be all set.

So, I've got 107 U2 songs cued up in the playlist, the tickets in my bag and I'm ready to rock! Now, if I can just figure out how to do it all without missing the boys too much I'll be golden!

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At 8:50 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Can I just say that 1. I'm not even a big U2 fan, but you have endeared them to me so much and 2. I am so unbelieveably excited for you and I even tell IRL friends about your trip!!

At 1:37 AM, Blogger DesertGirl said...

Jenn... just incase you see this before you leave. We are now 3 hours off from East Coast time. AZ doesn't "do" daylight savings... word on the street is we have enough light, we don't need to save. Have a great time!

At 9:46 PM, Blogger *** hunzer *** said...

I can't wait to hear about the concert. :) I'm becoming more of a U2 fan thanks to you.


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