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Thursday, May 18, 2006

That cough I mentioned in my last post

Yeah it turns out that it's pneumonia. It continued to drive me crazy, particularly at bed time, so I called and made an apppointment to get it checked this morning.

"You have left lower lobe pneumonia with inspiratory and expiratory wheezes and rhonchi coupled with left lower lobe rales." - Physician's Assistant, Assistant Hero.

He came into the exam room and started asking me about my cough. When it started [I think my allergies triggered it a couple of weeks ago but it just won't go away], did I have a fever [no, feel fine otherwise], did you know you have a fever [what? 100.1 in my ear? I feel fine, really, except for this cough], was I sleeping ok [once I stop coughing enough I can sleep fine], do I often get THIS sick without knowing it at all [yeah, I guess, sometimes, maybe], etc etc etc.

So he sent me off with a Z-pack and some prednisone because inhalers make me hurl and hurling with a cough is NEVER a good combination.

Maybe that fever is why I nearly overheaded three days last week and two days so far this week in Tae Kwon Do? Hmmm...

Now I'm just waiting for the z-pack to kick in and hoping that going up to camp doesn't make it worse or return. Mold. It's sucky.


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