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Friday, July 14, 2006

A New Blog I'm In Love With

The Shape of a Mother.

Go, surf, fall in love with me.


4 Rescued:

At 7:56 PM, Blogger *** hunzer *** said...

I was reading this the other night. I love the idea behind it. The photos, I'm not so sure about. I have my own gross baby belly that has caused me many years of self-esteem issues so I need to take babysteps with this blog.

I did follow her link to birth stories and wow...

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Interesting. I am not in love just yet, but interested and nice to know not everyone seems to just magically get their prebaby body or better back.

At 2:43 AM, Blogger lachen said...

How do you find these wonderful online places? I enjoyed reading through that site. Although, like Angela, I'm not in love - I surely felt encouraged by the freedom some strong women feel to be open about their post-pregnant body imperfections. Good for everyone who feels that way!

I am definitely not there yet.

At 1:51 AM, Blogger dont eat token said...


I don't have any babies and am not a mother-in-the-making just yet (or ever?) ... but I truly value these women who are sharing and yes, the shape of a mother.

I have a friend who has a poor body image left over from pregnancy 12 years ago... I'm going to be sure to share this with her.


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